There are 2 main types of  house cleaning we offer. "Routine" and "seasonal" or spring/fall cleaning.

Routine cleaningis a general maintenance cleaning. We do the type of house cleaning you would do each week, like dusting furniture and typically window sills if we can get at them easily. The team will dust down some cobwebs in some of the areas and if the home is done on a weekly , biweekly or monthly basis the duster will alternate which areas get the little extra touches like this. The team mate will vacuum all hard flooring  and the all of the carpet. All bathrooms will be scoured and disinfected and shiny surfaces will be buffed to a nice shine. Then the team mate will hand wash the floors after the hair and loose dirt are vacuumed up. In the kitchen the team mate will wipe down cabinet doors, counter tops, the outsides of the appliances, tables  and chairs. Then the sink will be scoured. The floor is hand washed after the vacuuming has been done to pick up loose crumbs and dirt. Generally there is a foyer floor to vacuum and wash and often a mud room or side /rear entrance floor as well.

Seasonal cleaning consists of the above house cleaning tasks as well as some deeper cleaning tasks. The team will wash down wood work ( doors, door frames , window frames, baseboards and railings) and clean the inside of the windows, move furniture to vacuum and get baseboards as long as the supervisor deems it safe for 2 women to move. Cobwebs will be dusted down. walls are spot washed around light switch plates and finger print areas. Lampshades are generally lightly dusted upon request. Many people don't really want anything done with the delicate fabrics and surfaces. Vacuuming of upholstered furniture will be done on request too. Some prefer to have it done while others prefer not to. Light fixtures and other fixtures which need to be disassembled to be cleaned must be disassembled by the home owner prior to our cleaning the parts and re-assembly is the home owner's responsibility. There are so many types of fixtures we cannot require out cleaning teams to be responsible for or to know how to take things apart and re-assemble them. The home owner will be responsible to move personal items, nick-knacks, toys and other things which the team would have no idea how to organize them they way you need or want them. If there are shelves which have very little on them, the team will move those items and wipe them and wipe the shelf and put the items back in place to the best of their recollection. ( It is nearly impossible to remember how each item was placed)

We will go over details specific to your home and your preferences over the phone before sending the team. If you will be there you can also point out details when they arrive. We encourage the details to be listed in the work order which is completed by phone so there is ample time allowed for the cleaning. Minor changes can be made ( and initialed on the contract) at the time of the cleaning, but anything which will effect the amount of time needed should be called in to the office so that we can make any scheduling changes needed for other clients.


Many factors come into play when determining price. We have hourly rates which vary depending on what type of cleaning and the frequency you are contracting for. Once we determine the hourly rate, there are still many factors which have an impact on the amount of time necessary to do the cleaning. Below you will find some guidelines to go by.

A routine cleaning on a "call as needed" or one time basis  is typically between and hour and 1 1/4 hours for an average home.  The rate is $198.00/hr plus tax per hour. The same things will impact the necessary time as with the seasonal cleaning.

Routine cleaning on a weekly biweekly or monthly basis are at discounted rates as follows:

Monthly $180/hr plus tax , biweekly $175/hr plus tax and weekly $172/hr plus tax.

An average home takes about 1 hour. Again, large homes or homes with clutter or more than 2 or 2 1/2 baths, elaborate wood work, or extra floors to wash ( meaning floors over and above the baths and kitchen and foyer floor which are washed at every house) and well lived in homes will take longer. Listed here are some ideas of the time needed for larger homes. These will fluctuate based on the factors noted above and are not exact quotes. 

Average sized homes would fall at or below 2300 square feet. Some homes as large as 26-2800 square feet can be done in one hour if they are well kept and uncluttered and have no "extra " floors to be washed, no pets or no small kids.  We can usually clean homes up to about 3500 square feet in 1 1/4 hours. Here again, many factors influence the time necessary. Most homes between 3500 and 4500 square feet will take about 1 1/2 hours.  Most homes from about 4500 square feet to about 5500 will take 1 3/4 hrs and 5500 square feet to 6500 square feet will take about 2 hours. All of these are just a basic guide.

Clients can limit what they will spend and set priorities. We will start at the top of the list and work until we are out of time.  Many people will skip the kids rooms and have the kids keep their own rooms up. This will save time ( and money) We can work with you to set up something which works for your preferences and budget.

Seasonal house cleaning rates are currently $225.00 per hour plus sales tax for a team. Seasonal cleaning can vary greatly as far as the time needed and therefore the cost. Things like size, how heavily furnished your home is, picture frames, clutter, toys laying around, pet hair, number of floors to be washed, number of baths, and more...A large  home typically runs 3-5 hours while a small ranch may take as little as  2 hours or in some cases even less.  If you have recently had remodeling done the time needed is usually more than a standard seasonal house cleaning. Also the dust can re-settle for weeks after the initial cleaning so it is a good idea to consider another cleaning a few weeks or a month after the initial cleaning just to spruce it up. The best way to estimate the cost is to email or call us.

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