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You aren't just getting a clean house, you are giving yourself some free time !

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This page gives information on where we came from and who we are. We are 100% locally owned .It shows pictures of our teams on the job and explains what we do and what makes us different than other cleaning companies.


lists off FAQs and what happens in common situations which come up.


5861 Seneca St   Elma NY 14059

Don't clean that !

If you are going to hire someone to clean your home, you would want them to know that the care given to your home is important  to you. Each home we clean is as unique as the clients who live in them. Your home is your castle and you want your own priorities taken into consideration. Of course you do. We get that. We have been in business well over 35 years now. and we have cleaned literally thousands of homes and no 2 are alike. We welcome your input and detailed communication with us so that we can get it right.

Let us do the house cleaning because you have other things you could be doing !


This page lists our service areas as well as our location,map and picture of our office.( If you need to come by, you will know what you are looking for.)

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This page has a contact form. You can  fill out the form, ask questions,make comments and someone will respond shortly.

If there is something you were hoping to find on our site, but didn't...let us know.


This page gives some advice on how to make the most of your cleaning service. There is some advice on common cleaning problems and problems which are not exactly cleaning issues, but are related to cleaning.

House cleaning is all we do, so we are focused on getting it done right for you. Call today to set up a house cleaning appointment.

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This page shows any current offers, and other seasonally oriented "stuff".