Clean Corners

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Having furnace duct work cleaned periodically is a big help too. We do not offer this service but there are many local companies who do. Dust, dust mites, and even mold can build up in duct work and aggeravate allergies and spread a coat of dust through your home every time the blower kicks on with the heat or A/C


Tips and advice for common house cleaning issues and issues closely related to house cleaning.

You aren't just getting a clean house, you're giving yourself some free time.

It is always easier to" keep up" with cleaning tasks than it is to "catch up" with cleaning tasks. Call us to see how our teams can get you caught up and keep up with your house cleaning needs.

You can use a flat duster to reach under your appliances to remove most of the dust and hair. This will reduce the amount of dust and hair blowing around your home, but will also allow your appliance to run cooler and more efficiently, saving you money on your electric bill and extending the life of your appliance...saving you more money. We will be glad to add this to your list of specific requests when you have one of our teams come out to clean for you.

This is mold. Mold is a result of poor ventilation ( Not bad house keeping). It comes in many varieties, some are more dangerous  than others, but they re all living things which need to be killed off. Mold usually stains the surface. The stains typically come off the hard surfaces, but porous surfaces like grout often have to be replaced. There are products out there designed to kill mold and bleach the stains. It is best to pre-treat the area with one of these products a few hours prior to cleaning. Get the area thoroughly and evenly covered. Then let it soak for a few hours or over night. Once it has soaked, a good scouring and rinsing will pretty much finish the job as long as the product was thick enough, and evenly coated and soaked long enough. It may be necessary to repeat this process for some mold problems.

Once the mold is gone and everything looks nice again, you need to increase ventilation in the area if you are going to prevent it from returning. If there is no easy way for a contractor to add an exhaust fan, you can place a small box fan or oscillating fan in the room blowing into the shower. Drying the walls after each shower will help too. ( This will also reduce the soap scum build up mentioned above)

On this page you will find advice on how to get the most  for your money,

cleaning tips and advice on subjects closely tied to cleaning.

Happy workers who know that you care, generally care more and are more productive. Don't forget to let the team know when they are on target in your home. Most people will let a company know when there is a problem, but positive feed back goes a long way too. Little things like remembering the supervisor's name and addressing her ( or him) as such, or occasionally tipping the crew give them extra incentive to go the extra mile. 

When it is hot and humid, it is a great idea to have the A/C on. People can move better when they are not over heated. This will also lower the humidity which will allow the mirrors and shiny surfaces to dry quicker reducing the streaking and cloudiness which can occur on humid days.

You can get a clean, disinfected home and help to restore the economy by hiring us. We are a locally owned and operated company and we employ about 20 people.

Please support local businesses as we all find our new normal. Many of us employ countless

people in western NY. Our economy can recover from corona virus and covid19 .

We can all help each other and become stronger than ever.

How to get the most for your money...

We highly recommend a lot of open communication, especially in the beginning. House cleaning is as unique as each client and each home. The more details we know about you and your traffic patterns, the better we can serve you. There are clients who really want their mirrors and faucets to shine, but they don't even notice cobwebs and feel we shouldn't waste our time on them. Others feel that we should be catching cobwebs and window sills as part of our routine, but if their mirrors have a little streak, they feel it's trivial  and really don't care. Then there are the clients who really don't want to spend over the limit they have set, and they would like us to get a surface cleaning done in as much of their home as possible with in the time frame they are willing to pay for and the details just are not important, and their neighbor who wants to limit their time and expense, wants a very detailed job in the areas cleaned, but they feel some rooms can be left for them to clean, or they alternate rooms. ( Say one week we clean the blue and tan bedroom and the next week we clean the yellow and green bedrooms)

Some of our clients have pets who lay on the furniture and they prefer to have the furniture vacuumed each time, while others have areas where the kids drag mud or grass in and the floors need extra attention in that area...All of this is basically saying if we know more about your preferences, we will be better equipped to meet your expectations.

​​​​​Tidy up the house before the team arrives. The team will not know where to put personal items and toys or news papers etc...If these items are out of the way, the team can focus on what we do your home... A tidy home will not only help with house cleaning but can reduce stress levels and help keep other areas of your life more organized.

Pre- treating areassuch as showers where there is a little bit of mold starting to grow in the corners, or where soap scum is built up, or  a stove or other kitchen surface where they may be cooked on food or a stick area or grease can greatly improve the results of the team's efforts. Some things really need to soak in a product designed for that job to loosen the dirt or film. Then cleaning can be done  more efficiently and thoroughly.

In winter weather, having walk ways and driveways clear will reduce the amount of snow tracked into your home. Even if the team changes into dry footwear once they are in, the area where they came in will be wet once the snow melts. Carrying the equipment through snow is brutal too. It sure makes their day harder. How inspired are you when something makes your day unnecessarily more difficult?

In hot humid weather, keeping the A/C on will help keep the team more energized and ready to work. This will also help keep humidity down which will allow better drying and less streaking of shiny surfaces in your home. Humidity can also make surfaces sort of sticky which makes the dusting more challenging besides the more obvious challenging of mirrors and glass. It make the vacuum harder to push across the carpeting as well. Keeping AC on is a help all the way around.

It is always  much easier to "keep up" than to "catch up". Having your home cleaned regularly  can prevent build up which can be costly to get cleaned once you have it. Also it can cause extra wear to your surfaces. Some examples of this are door frames , doors, cabinet doors, railings, especially near the stairway entrance where everyone grabs on can really  hand  build up with finger prints and smudges of body oils and dirt. Not only can this be unsightly and a good breeding ground for bacteria, but the oils  and grit can break down the finish over time and underneath the dirt is bare wood. If this is kept clean the finish is  actually likely to last longer. Showers often gather a build up of soap scum and dead skin . If a shower or tub is cleaned on a regular basis you can prevent the build up and reduce the likely hood of bacteria growth  in there. Once you have  a build up it can be difficult to get rid of.