Will they move furniture?

The team can move furniture which the supervisor feels that 2 women can safely move. During a "routine" cleaning teams generally move kitchen and dining room chairs but we don't move larger furniture. In a seasonal ( spring or fall) cleaning we would move more furniture and that's where these limitations apply. If there are hard wood floors, moving any furniture which can't be lifted could cause damage unless the furniture is on felt feet. In this case we may ask the home owner to move it. If the client isn't home, the supervisor may decide not to move it. The risk for damage is too high...yes we have insurance, but who wants to come home to a big scratch on your wood floor?

We will follow all guidelines for the corona virus and covid 19 situation. We carry hospital strength disinfectant for all washable surfaces. Our employees will wear masks .

You can help to save about 20 jobs, help rebuild our local economy and get a nice clean home. It's a win-win.

You aren't just getting a clean house, you're giving yourself some free time !

How often will you come?

You are the boss. We will come as often as you'd like from one time to twice a week or more if you want... There are discounted rates for weekly, biweekly and monthly contracts.

There is no set length of time for our contracts. You can cancel at any time. We wouldn't want our clients to feel trapped into a contract. The purpose of the contract is to clearly  define that our rates are hourly and they are based on a team of 4. It further explains that each "team hour" you are paying for constitutes 4 man hours of work ( or 240 minutes). There fore if we send 3 people (due to call ins or other scheduling issues) the team of 3 stays 80 minutes which still gives you 240 minutes or 4 man hours of work  for each "billable hour". The contract states that we are paying all of the taxes,unemployment insurance/tax, and social security on our employees  We carry workers compensation insurance, disability and liability insurance too. The contract notes which day of the week we will come and it includes a color coded calendar showing what set of weeks will be coming ( for biweekly or monthly clients) There is a section listing what we won't do. After 30 plus years we have seen some things which we are simply not equipped to handle and for your protection, we assure you we won't clean or handle these things and then send a team to your home.)

What if I have allergies or sensitivities to cleaning products or for what ever reason, I  want my own products used

We are happy to use what ever you provide as long as the supervisor deems it safe for our teams. If the product gives off fumes or is a home made concoction which has no safety data the supervisor can at her discretion, deny the use of the product.. The same holds true for vacuum cleaners or other equipment.

What are my payment options?

Payment is due upon arrival or prior to the cleaning. Most of our clients leave a check on the kitchen counter for the team. The supervisor can leave a receipt if you would like. Most people don't want a paper receipt if they paid by check, but the choice is yours. Some people make electronic payments, some send a payment the last week of the month for the cleaning services  in the coming month. You can also pay by cash or money order. We do not accept credit card payments because there is a cost to do this and we would have to include that cost when calculating our rates, costing you, the customer more. We may set up a PayPal payment option at some point, but that isn't set up now.

How do I cancel an appointment, and is there a service fee?

You can call us one business day in advance and simply cancel the appointment. You don't need to give us a reason. We respect your privacy. We just need to know about the cancellation as soon as possible to give our other clients some advance notice of any changes this may create  for  their cleaning schedule. As long as we know by 10:00 am one business day in advance there is no service fee or cancellation fee. If you are cancelling with 2 or more business days of notice, you can email us  info@cleancorners.com to let us know and we will send a response email to confirm that we got your message.We understand that things come up. Keeping a reliable schedule for our clients is very important to us. We appreciate as much notice as you can give when you need to cancel or change your appointments. Late cancellations usually result in a service fee. 


What happens if I have to work and can't be there to let the team in ?

We have a great key system which has never failed us in over 30 years. We take the key to your home and color code it and put a number on it. This way if it were ever dropped somewhere, a stranger would find a key with a yellow 7 on it or a green 2...there would be no name or address on it. We issue the key to the team supervisor the morning of your cleaning. She (or he) keeps the key with her (or him) that day and returns it to a lock box at the day's end.

What if I forget to leave my payment for the team ?

The team or someone from our office will try to reach you to find out if you want us to clean. If you do we will clean as long as 

‚Äčit is the first time you forgot and if you have been reliable for payments in the past. We will clean with the understanding that there is a $15.00 billing fee.( If we receive the payment in full with in 3 business days we will waive the billing fee) The payment is due with in one week. One of the ways we keep our rates down is that we don't have a complicated billing system to maintain.

Clean Corners

What if I lock the team out or forget an appointment ?

Someone will call you to see if you or some one can meet them to let them in. If not there is generally a cancellation fee to cover the team's wasted time since they may not be able to get into their next job with such short notice.. The first time the cost is half of the cost of the scheduled cleaning. As of the third time the service fee is the full cost of the cleaning. We have to be very particular about our scheduling issues so that we can provide reliable service to our clients. If you need to cancel an appointment please just call us one business day in advance by 10 am so that we can call our other clients and rearrange things with them.