We are always looking for  reliable people who work with pride to join our team. We offer performance based raises because people who do more deserve to make more. There are opportunities to move up to a supervisory position or other positions with in the company. 

We teach all new employees our routine, because even if you are a great cleaner before working here, following a basic routine makes things go more efficiently. each team mate knows what the others are doing which makes your job easier as well as theirs.

The team functions as a "team" should, with everyone working together. There are generally 3-4 people on a team.

We start at 7:45 am. The finish times fluctuate depending on the scheduled homes. Finish times can occasionally be as early as about noon and can occasionally be as late as 4:30 so we would want you to be available those hours. We never work weekends or evenings or major holidays. We feel everyone should have some family time or free time they can count on. All of us here value the weekends off  and never having to work evenings or holidays.

Our team mates take turns driving their own cars, so about once a week you would need to drive. On those days you will make extra wages as well as a generous gas reimbursement.

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Clean Corners

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