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In the event where we need to send 3 people (like a call in or vacation where we don't have a substitute available) the team  of 3 will work extra time to make up for the 4th person. We bill based on man hours so if your home generally takes 1 hour with a team of 4, that is 4 man hours. If a team of 3 works 1 hour and 20 minutes, that is also 4 man  hours. You will always get what you pay for with us.

Doing the house cleaning yourself doesn’t always pan out. Most people work full time and often have hectic schedules outside of work too. Rely us to take care of the cleaning, whether it's for a weekly or biweekly or monthly routine or just for a pre or post party clean up, short term while you are recovering from illness or injury,  during pregnanacy or after having a baby,  Spring/fall cleaning or just because you would like a little help catching up...

we are here for you.

​Who are we ?

Clean Corners is a locally owned and operated company, started in 1982 in West Seneca NY. The owner cleaned with a couple of friends and gradually grew to the point of needing to hire a few people. Little by little we needed  more room than the spare bedroom office had so we turned the attached garage into an office. Eventually we out grew that too and we moved to our current location on Seneca St in Elma. We now have multiple teams and we can service most of the greater Buffalo area and suburbs. We are fully insured and bonded. Of course we carry workman's comp and disability insurance as well as liability insurance. We take care of all the with holding taxes and other payroll taxes so you don't have to worry about any of it. We bring all of the cleaning equipment and supplies from vacuum cleaners to cleaning solutions and right down to tooth brushes  for detailing. There again, you don't have to keep supplies on hand. We do it so you don't have to.

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We send out teams of 4 who will clean with our very well organized system so they are not in each other's way. They can navigate through your home efficiently. We encourage an open line of communication, especially in the first few visits so we can learn your specific needs and preferences. Each team has a supervisor to check the work. She will over see the job as well as do her  (or his) share of the cleaning of your home.

5861 Seneca St   Elma NY 14059

We are of the mind set that if you are going to do anything at all, do it with pride. The self respect you get feels good and you can only achieve success if you are reliable and take pride in what you do. We have been around since 1982 ! Clean Corners is a success because  our cleaning teams and our management team practice what we preach...

Why choose us?

We conduct what we like to call "spot checks" where we go out to inspect the client's' homes on a completely random schedule. We randomly select homes and go look at what our team has been doing to make sure it meets our standards. Since there is no set schedule, no one knows which homes we will spot check when. In theory this set up keeps everyone on their toes.

Because we Truly Care.

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